Covid – 19 Precautions

Bru Youth Service has a responsibility to safeguard young people while accessing our project.  We serve young people, staff, and visitors from throughout the community. All of these people may have close contact in this building, often sharing spaces, kitchen facilities, equipment, and supplies.  It is our intention to take precautionary measures to prevent the risk of the spread of Covid-19, therefore, the following guidance will apply until further notice. 

Guidance for young people & visitors to Bru Youth Service

  • The use of hand towels and tea towels is not permitted (blue paper roll has been provided)
  • All preparation and consumption of food by and for young people is not permitted  
  • All visitors to the facility are to be advised to wash their hands or use hand sanitisers which are provided
  • Any visitor to the facility showing symptoms listed below shall be asked to leave (parents/ guardians will be contacted when young people are asked to leave)

All visitors should be directed to read the posters which have been displayed throughout the facility which provide advice on staying safe & protected

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